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Being born in the Hospital del Mar

Respectful maternity in a unique environment
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At the Hospital de Mar we offer you specialised and respectful support for your decisions in a unique environment. We are a professional team that will be by your side throughout your pregnancy, birth and postpartum, so that you can enjoy motherhood both with health and confidence.

Woman lying with the straps to give birth, accompanied by her husband
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Plan the experience

Birth in front of the sea

Hospital de Mar is a modern centre, bathed in Mediterranean light. Our facilities are designed to favour a respectful, non-medicalised birth, adapted to your rhythm.

We have cosy and comfortable private rooms to experience the birth process, accompanied by whomever you decide and with our full support. Spaces equipped with natural light gradation, birthing balls, hydrotherapy baths and everything necessary to alleviate discomfort and to guarantee your health and that of your baby.

Pregnant woman who touches her belly, in the background we see a bathtub for dilation

Respectful and personalised childbirth

Our team of midwives will help you design the birth plan that best suits your needs and wishes. This document will allow us to offer you the best support during pregnancy, birth and postpartum, and you will be able to modify it whenever you wish.

We will explain all the options available to you and we will give you individualised advice so that you can enjoy the most personalised birth possible, respecting the decisions you consider most appropriate at each stage of the process.

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Image pregnant woman in the process of dilation

Accompaniment and pain management

Our priority is your wellbeing and that of your baby. Therefore, if you need it, we will provide you with different methods, both pharmacological and non-pharmacological, for pain control during labour: nitrous oxide, epidural, low-dose epidural (walking-epidural) or therapeutic shower to dilate thanks to the benefits of water.

ou can choose one or several methods and change from one to the other according to the evolution of your labour. You are free to decide at any time and you will always be advised by expert midwives.

Pregnant family cared for by a nurse

Breastfeeding support

The key to successful breastfeeding is support, for which we have a team of specialised midwives with specific breastfeeding clinics.

We accompany families with a home-care programme during the first days to support breastfeeding and we have a hotline to midwives  7 days a week. In addition, we have postpartum groups.

Woman who breastfeeds advised by a midwife

Pregnancy, childbirth and COVID

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have adapted to ensure the safety of pregnant women and their families.

Both the delivery rooms and the obstetric ward are kept away from areas with patients suffering from respiratory pathologies. In addition, we have a short-stay programme with home accompaniment, where the midwife makes a home visit within the first 24 hours.

Further information
Nurse answering the phone with a mask
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A great team at your side

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We guarantee continuity of care throughout the entire process, from primary care to the moment of delivery and postpartum.

Close-up of Toni payà

Toni Payà
Head of the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Service at the Hospital del Mar.

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We are a great, young and dynamic team, eager to accompany you on this great adventure so that you can live it in physical and mental health.

Close-up of Georgina Picas

Georgina Picas
Head of the Sexual and Reproductive Health Care Unit (ASSIR) Litoral.

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We have to go for a model centred on the mother and the baby, making birth a safe and satisfactory experience.

Close-up of Maria Mamblona

Maria Mamblona
Nursing Coordinator of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Hospital del Mar.

Contact with us

To live the experience of maternity at the Hospital del Mar or for more information about our services, you can contact us through: